NEAT regularly gets phone calls from people that have items they would like to get rid of, but they don’t have the vehicle to take it to a thrift shop.  This event solves that problem.  

Tammy Hrab, NEAT’s Communications Coordinator, said, “This is a reuse project that everyone can do.  Either you can reuse, or you can provide for someone else to reuse.”

NEAT encourages reuse of all kinds and this is an easy way to get involved.  It will all start Saturday morning when residents are encouraged to place items they no longer need on the curb outside their home marked with a “Free” sign.  That is when the treasure hunt begins.  Others are welcome to take these free items home with them.  Whether you are cleaning out your garage, or you are looking for the ultimate Pinterest project, this is the perfect weekend for everyone.   If it is windy over the weekend, it is possible that the free signs could blow off of the items.  If in doubt, please confirm with the resident.  It could be a great way to meet your neighbours.  

If you enjoy social media, NEAT says that you can tweet about treasures that you see around town.  Kick it to the Curb uses the hashtag #kittc.  You can also search that hashtag to see if anyone has posted items.  It is also a good idea to use the hashtag of your community.  People have posted on Facebook and even tweeted pictures.  

If your item hasn’t been picked up by Sunday evening, please take it in from the curb.