“The position of the NDP is that there will be a moratorium put on fracking for the next two years while the science will be brought together to find out the effect, if anything, that fracking has on the water table,” he told the crowd.

Energy Minister Rich Coleman has responded, saying such a moratorium would result in the loss of tens of thousands of jobs as well as billions of dollars for the province.

However, NDP leader Adrian Dix claims Wyse misspoke, saying, “We do support a review, we are concerned about issues around water use and we will conduct that should we be elected, based on the science.”

He adds that Wyse made a mistake in his comments, as fracking would continue if a review were to take place.

Dix’s environmental platform includes opposing the expansion of pipelines, eliminating the Pacific Carbon Trust, and expanding B.C.’s carbon tax to cover to cover emissions emitted by oil and gas operations.