Fundraisers reached their goal thanks to two recent donations, which helped push them past the $170,000 plus marker.

Construction of the new wheelchair accessible playground, the only one of its kind within the area, will begin on Monday, October 22, with construction set to take approximately one week long.

Brandy Olmsted, president of the Baldonnel School PAC, says completing the fundraising goal is a significant achievement.

“It’s huge, it means so much to us, I’m sure we’ll all cry. It took us three years and now the little kids with wheelchairs will get to use it, and everyone will get to play together.”

The new playground will officially host a grand opening celebration on Tuesday, October 30 at noon, which will include a barbecue, as well as a ribbon cutting ceremony, both of which will be taking place at the Baldonnel Elementary School.

Since the playground was designed in memory of Curtis Hadland, it will be called the “In Memory of Curtis Hadland Wheelchair Accessible Playground.”