The Government of B.C. will be providing additional funding for Kindergarten to grade 12 for the upcoming 2011-12 school year.

Funding for B.C. school districts will once again increase, as schools are expected to receive a new record high of $4.721 billion in operating funds.

The increase of $58 million, will aid in completing the transition to full-day kindergarten, as well as provide flexibility and support to students and their families.

Unfortunately, School District 60 Peace River North does not seem to be receiving any additional funding. The total of $53,020,777 received in 2010-11, is the same amount the district is set to receive in 2011-12.

This comes despite the fact that enrolment rates are expected to increase in the upcoming school year. The province is expected to see an increase in enrolment of 951 students, 86 of which, are from school district 60.

Regardless of the fact that school district 60 accounts for nine per cent of the enrolment increase, according to the government press release, there is no additional funding for the upcoming school year.