Weibo Ludwig Property Search Update

The Edmonton Journal is reporting that weapons, textbooks, and office supplies were some of the hundreds of items seized from Wiebo Ludwig’s Trickle Creek farm, in the Alberta Peace, during the four-day RCMP search of the property earlier this year.
It says court documents reveal the long list of items was seized by almost 150 officers, who took shifts combing the property, between January 8th and 12th.
The article says weapons taken included a crossbow, a pellet handgun, a homemade copper blowgun, a homemade switch, and a broken double-barrelled shotgun.
Among books seized where those entitled…Disruptive Terrorism, Arma-Geddon, Oil and Gas at Your Door, Harvest of Rage, and Why Oklahoma City is only the Beginning.
The search was part of the RCMP investigation into the string of bombings, that targeted EnCana Corporation facilities in the BC Peace near Dawson Creek…and, police also found a Blasters Training Manual.
The warrant police brought to the Ludwig farm north of Hythe, stated they had reason to believe “evidence” could be found on the farm.
However, no charges have been laid in connection with the pipeline bombings, nor have any charges been laid against any resident of the Trickle Creek ranch.

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