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 Over the next week, will be posting a series of stories showcasing the biggest news stories in the BC Peace from 2009.  This list has been put together based on the total number of views a story received on  

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Below are the top 5 news stories from May to June 2009



House Explosion in Tumbler Ridge

On May 31st, 2009 a huge explosion rocked the community of Tumbler Ridge.  Three homes were completely destroyed and more than 20 nearby homes were also damaged.

  House destroyed in major Tumbler Ridge Explosion Police confirm one person dead in Tumbler Ridge explosion
  Photos of the house explosion in Tumbler Ridge Video of the Tumbler Ridge House Explosion
  Tumbler Ridge residents react to explosion Suicide deemed the cause of the Tumbler Ridge Explosion

The Fort Hotel Burns to the ground

On Saturday May 2nd, 2009, the Fort Hotel finally came tumbling down.  Shortly after 5pm that day the fire started in the rear of the building and by midnight the entire building had been destroyed.  The battle over what to do with the Fort Hotel, still continues to this day. 

  The Fort Hotel Burns to the ground A photo timeline of the Fort Hotel Fire
  Videos of the Fort Hotel Fire Fort Hotel fire aftermath
  City buys Fort Hotel property in tax sale  

Fort Nelson Airplane Crash

On Tuesday June 9th, 2009 a small plane crashed at the Fort Nelson Airport.  The pilot advised police that while attempting to takeoff, approximately 200 feet off the ground the plane began to lose power descending rapidly.  Both occupants were not hurt in the accident.

  Plane crashes just after takeoff at Fort Nelson Airport    

Charlie Lake Store catches on Fire

It was a busy couple of months for Fire Crews in the region.  On Tuesday May 5th, 2009, the Charlie Lake Store caught on fire.  No one was injured but the fire did cause major damage to the building.

  The Charlie Lake Store is on fire Charlie Lake Store fire extinguished  
  No cause found for Charlie Lake Store fire    

Local girl heads to Miss Canada Petite Competition

Thea Theobald was titled Miss Petite Northern British Columbia earlier this year and represented this area in August.  Thea ended up winning the national competition but later turned down the crown.

  Local girl heading to Miss Canada Petite competition Thea Theobald wins Miss Petite Canada Title  
  Local woman turns down Miss Petite Canada title    

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