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 Over the next week, will be posting a series of stories showcasing the biggest news stories in the BC Peace from 2009.  This list has been put together based on the total number of views a story received on

Below are the top 5 news stories from January and February 2009 in the BC Peace

Women’s illegal pyramid scheme in FSJ

The top story from January and February of 2009 was the pyramid scheme that was reported to be operating in Fort St.  John.  It’s still unclear if the pyramid scheme is still running in the community.  The links below provide more information.


Another bombing near Tomslake

On January 4th, 2009 the EnCana Bomber set off the fourth bomb in the Tomslake area.  To date there have been 6 attacks in the area and the RCMP are still searching for the bomber.  This summer the bomber threatened to increase his attacks after a 3 month break.  So far there have not been any more attacks.  For more on the fourth bombing and the investigation during January and February of 2009, see the stories below.


Another bombing near Tomslake 

EnCana let go security companies before latest bombing

RCMP on fourth Encana pipeline bombing 

Up to $500,000 Reward offered in EnCana Bombing Case

EnCana Bombings case has cost the RCMP over $1 million

RCMP have identified all 8 people in EnCana case

Two deadly Avalanches in the Peace Region

Early 2009 saw several deadly avalanches across the province, including two in the BC Peace region.  The first occurred on January 11th, 2009 near Chetwynd and killed a man from Rycroft Alberta.  The second happened only a few days later on January 17th, 2009 near Tumbler Ridge and took the life of a man from Hythe Alberta.  For more on these avalanches click on the stories below.

  Group of Snowmobilers caught in Avalanche near Chetwynd, BC; One dead Friends tried to save avalanche victim near Chetwynd, BC
  Photos from Chetwynd Avalanche Body recovered after Chetwynd Avalanche
  RCMP release name of Chetwynd avalanche victim Avalanche near Tumbler Ridge, BC – one person is dead
  Tumbler Ridge avalanche victim from Hythe Alberta  

H2S Leak at Spectra Facility

On Friday February 29th, 2009 a H2S leak at a Spectra Facility at Mile 111 of the Alaska Highway caused the road to be closed for several hours and two men were taken to hospital.  For more on this story view any of the stories below.

  Problem at Gas Plant closes Alaska Highway H2S Leak at Spectra Facility
  Update: Highway Open; Spectra H2S Leak isolated Photos from Spectra Pipeline Incident
  Spectra Energy February gas leak update  

New Airline arrives in Fort St. John

On Monday February 16th, 2009, Fort St. John welcomed a new airline to the North Peace Airport.  The Airline started off by offering flights from Fort St. John to Fort Nelson, Grande Prairie and Calgary.  For more on this story, click on the link below.

  Local airport welcomes new airline  

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