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The Enerplex will finally get some money from the Federal Government.

The funding was made available as a part of the 719 million dollars announced Thursday from the Infrastructure Stimulus Fund and Building Canada Fund.  At the moment we have been unable to track down any details on the funding except the money will go towards Enerplex site improvements.

The Federal Government will give just over 2.5 million dollars, along with another 2.5 million dollars coming the Province. The catch is the City of Fort St. John will also have to come up with other 2.5 million dollars for a total project cost of 7.5 million dollars.

We are still awaiting word from the City of Fort St. John on just how they intend to match the Federal and Provincial money.   The Province already contributed $12.5 million, which helped to kick start the project.  The overall budget for the Enerplex when construction started in 2007 was $37 million dollars.

Other projects that the Federal and Provincial governments announced today included:

– 100th Avenue Expansion at a total cost of 4.2 million dollars with 1.3 million coming from each level of government.

– North Lagoon Trunkmain Twinning at a total cost of 4.2 million dollars with 1.4 million coming from each level of government.

Other communities in Peace River North also got funding from the Federal and Provincial Governments.

– Fort Nelson – Drinking Water Quality, Security of Supply and Energy Efficiency project. The project has a total cost of 3.8 million dollars with 1.2 million coming from each level of Government.

– Fort Nelson – Fort Nelson Recreation Complex project – The Federal and Provincial Governments will each contribute 5 million dollars with the Regional Municipality picking up the rest of the cost at 23.4 million dollars.

– Hudson’s Hope – Arena Heat Recovery project. This project has a total cost of $326,264 again the cost will be split three ways.

When we get the details on each of these projects we will pass that information along.

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