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Photo: The Southside Centre, a youth pilot project spearheaded by the city, might not be held in the Kids Arena this fall – Christine Rumleskie/

Youth in the community will have to wait a couple of weeks for the Southside Centre to open.

The grand opening for the new pilot project was originally set for this Friday, but has been postponed to September 11th.

Director of Community Services Sarah Cockerill says one of the speed bumps the city ran into was hiring staff, which took two weeks longer than anticipated. Now, the city is working on finalizing the plans for the program.

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But, plans are still a go for the pilot project to be held in the Kids Arena. However, Cockerill says the City will continue to look for a heated indoor area.

She says the location has to meet certain criteria.

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Cockerill says any kind of donation is still welcome. She also encourages business to contact her about funding opportunities, in exchange for return on investment and signage.

The new grand opening will still have live music, along with Wii games, pool tables, and movies. It is available to youth between the ages of 10 and 16.

The city’s website will be updated with more information as the grand opening date approaches.

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