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Photo: Fire officials began their investigation on Tuesday at the Rosenau Transport and Unified Valve site – Christine Rumleskie/

Investigators are searching the Rosenau Transport and Unified Valve site for clues as to what started the fire on Sunday night.

At around 7:30pm, fire crews were called to the blaze that forced the evacuation of the Peace Country Trailer Park.

Fortunatly, no one was hurt, but it took nearly a day to fully extinguish the fire.

Fire officials say they hope to know what caused the fire after the full investigation is completed.

Photo: An investigator searches the rubble for evidence on Tuesday afternoon – Christine Rumleskie/

Photo: Security tape fences off the destroyed building, as officials begin their investigation on Tuesday afternoon – Christine Rumleskie/


Photo: The building is completely destroyed from the fire that tore through it on Sunday evening – Christine Rumleskie/

Photo: This is the opposite side of the building, shown in the photo above – Christine Rumleskie/


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