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Pat Ferris won his fifth time trail in a row with another Baldonnel win with 25:09 minutes. Close behind was Gilbert Bilodeau at 25:14 and Les Elliott 25:31. Sandy McDonald was also a close 4th at 25:42. Richard Wood was 5th at 27:10.
Conditions were windless and a perfect temperature for an ideal night.

Trevor McDonnell was 6th 27:55, Darren Guliov 28:59, Owen Giebelhaus 29:22 and Dawn Gladysz 43:41.

Thanks Barb Polehoykie for timing!

Coming up:
-S & S Turbines hill climb on Bear Flats at 10:00 am. 8.4 km climb up from the Peace Valley.
-Kevin Fell and Ken Nix are in Terrace for the Skeena 160 km Challenge road race.

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