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Photo: Wildlife Biologist Diane Cunning says excessive winds and water fluctuation will cause this cabin to eventually fall into the Williston Reservoir. The cabin is located close to the yacht club- Photo courtesy of Diane Culling.

BC Hydro says it is continuing to investigate mitigation options into erosion problems along the Williston Reservoir.

Earlier this year, BC Hydro met with concerned landowners who owns property along the reservoir.

Long-time landowner Gary Shelton says he’s concerned about his and other properties along the Mile 12 Road. Shelton says erosion has impacted his piece of property since he first purchased it in 1981. He says his log-home and guest house isn’t immediately threatened, but he has lost more than half of his property to erosion.

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BC Hydro spokesperson David Conway says he can’t say if BC Hydro will provide any compensation to landowners who lost land or property. But, he says they are taking the matter seriously.

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BC Hydro is searching for the historical erosion land maps made in the mid-1960. Conway says it could take a while to locate these maps because they have not been stored electronically.

Now, Diane Culling is a Wildlife Biologist and has been independently observing the erosion process for around 25 years now.

She says the fluctuating water levels and the numerous dust storms are contributing to the erosion.

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She says a few cabins that were immediately adjacent to the lake, have fallen into the reservoir.

Meanwhile, Conway says BC Hydro is willing to talk to concerned residents about this issue. He says he can be reached at 250-561-4905, or call Dan Bouillon at 250-783-5006.

Photo: Diane Culling says the shoreline cannot stabilize because the annual fluctuation is keeping it in a very disturbed state – Photo courtesy of Diane Culling.

Photo: Dust storms can be seen along the Dunlevy Road, close to the Williston Reservoir. Wildlife Biologist Diane Cunning says the heavy winds flow through the Peace Valley and contributes to erosion – Photo courtesy of Diane Culling.

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