View Canada Day 2009 in Fort St. John in a larger map The map above shows the Canada Day Parade route

Organizers say the Canada Day parade will still go on even if it rains on Wednesday.

Despite the gloomy forecast, Organizer Larry Evans says he hopes float entrants still take part.

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He says those walking alongside the floats should be prepared to walk 24 blocks. Evans says walkers need to keep up with the float they are with.

The parade will once again proceed along 100th street from 93rd to 108th avenue, turn east for two blocks, then head south on 98th street to 101st avenue. After turning east again for another two blocks, it will finish by heading south again, on 96th street, back to 93rd avenue.

Meanwhile, Organizer Suzanne Anderson says celebrations in Centennial Park might be relocated to the North Peace Arena.

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As for the fireworks, Evans says it’s up to the Fire Department if they will be lit or not. Evans says it could be dangerous if a damp firework is lit.

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