Photo: Ben Sanders, right, and Alan Bone present the Auditors Report along with the consolidated financial statements on Tuesday afternoon – Christine Rumleskie/

Accountants and City Councilors are commending City Staff for solid bookkeeping in 2008.

Accountants Alan Bone and Ben Sanders presented the 2008 Unqualified Auditors Report to Council on Tuesday, at a special City Council meeting.

An unqualified audit means that the City passed the audit process with full marks.

According to Alan Bone, of accounting firm Sander Rose Trobak, the City’s internal controls are functioning quite well.

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Sander Rose Trobak audited the consolidated financial statements of the City for the year ending December 31st, 2008.

Councilor Lori Ackerman says it’s nice to see that the City is doing well and moving forward.

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The firm did recommend that all transactions that require specific financial statement presentation be identified in the General Ledger. Sander says the preparation of many of the 2008 financial statements were not easily identifiable, which makes it hard to prepare the financial statements.

However, City Manager Dianne Hunter says the City is always open for ways to improve.

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The complete audit procedure cost the City 25 thousand dollars.