Bob Andrews successfully defended his Blizzard 15 Mile time trial trophy, Sunday, with a time of 38:18 minutes. Pat Ferris was second at 39:16 and Roger St. Jean third at 40:19. Conditions were windy and cold.
Sandy McDonald won the Women’s Phoenix Trophy with a time of 41:56. Barb Polehoykie was second at 46:04.

Other times were Gord Harris in 4th at 41:10, Richard Wood 43:12, Dean Lowry 43:34, Sam Keats 47:40, Floyd Polehoykie 48:51, Pat Egan 49:10, Ken Nix 50:49 and Owen Giebelhaus 51:09.

Coming up:
Wed: Club Meeting 7:30 pm Wendy’s
Thurs: Aurora Engineering Personal best Time Trial, Thursday Baldonnel School 7 pm.
Sun: Fort St. John Triathlon