A petroleum geologist has told a meeting in Fairview that building a Nucelar Power Plant in the Alberta Peace, not far from the BC border, is both unsafe and unnecessary.

Jack Century has conducted a study of seismic activity, especially as caused by injecting or flooding liquid into…and then withdrawing it from…the earth.

He believes that injecting into the ground, in a limestone structure, such as underlies much of the Peace, could increase seimic activity and, possibly lead to catastrophic earthquakes.

At the Fairview meeting he showed a map of the Peace, noting both the original proposed location, for the Bruce Power plant at Lac Cardinal…and the more recently announced preferred site are quite close to fault lines.

He also believes that nuclear power is not necessary, if oil companies would put more resources into looking for more sources of conventional oil…which he pointed out has a smaller carbon footprint than the tarsands, where underground injection is also used.