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Outdoor Upgrades that Add Value to a Home

From the front stoop to the backyard, here are some outdoor upgrades that can add value to a home by boosting curb appeal and function.
A backyard patio
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From the front stoop to the backyard, outdoor remodelling projects can add tremendous value to a home by boosting curb appeal and function. To pique the interest of potential buyers before they even walk through the front door, here are some eye-catching exterior upgrades sure to pay off in the long run.

Upgrade Your Deck

A composite deck offers long-lasting beauty and low-maintenance benefits that appeal to today’s time-stretched consumers. Unlike wood, high-performance composite decking requires minimal upkeep as it’s engineered to resist fading, scratching and mould, and it won’t rot, warp, crack or splinter. With no sanding, staining or painting required, composite decking attracts homeowners looking to spend more time enjoying their outdoor spaces rather than maintaining them.

Replace Railings

One of the most visible aspects of a yard, porch or deck, a railing is often the first thing prospective buyers notice, and it has the power to set the tone for an entire outdoor space. If an existing railing is beginning to show signs of wear, replacing it with something new and modern can give the property an instant facelift that will boost curb appeal and perceived value.

Create an Outdoor Room

Another value-adding upgrade to any deck or yard is a pergola. This relatively easy addition offers cool relief on hot days while also adding architectural appeal.

Enhance Privacy

The past few years have left many of us craving safety and serenity. To enhance the sense of seclusion in an outdoor space, incorporate decorative privacy screens. Made of sturdy, low-maintenance materials, permanent or moveable panels are a popular option available in multiple patterns and colours. They complement the aesthetic of any outdoor setting and are ideal for enhancing privacy around decks, patios and pools.

Illuminate with Lighting

Enjoy your outdoor living space long after the sun goes down by incorporating lighting into your deck or patio design. String lights and lanterns are ideal for creating an intimate environment, while tiki torches add fun and flare. For a more permanent solution, consider integrating lighting into deck boards and railings to take your space from ordinary to extraordinary.

Sustainable Backyard Improvements

One in three consumers say they have increased their efforts to incorporate environmentally friendly practices into their daily life, according to a recent Trusted Media Brands survey. Some of the easiest steps toward a more sustainable lifestyle can be taken right in your own backyard.

Create an outdoor oasis with these simple and sustainable tips – no green thumb required.

Low-Maintenance Landscaping

Sow the seeds for a hassle-free backyard by planting perennials or shrubs, which require minimal upkeep. Support your local environment by choosing native plants, as they typically require less watering, fertilizer and pesticides, and they’re beneficial to pollinators. Plus, many native plants can store excess carbon dioxide for better air quality.

Collect and Reuse Rainwater

Conserving rainwater is a simple way to make your outdoor space more sustainable. Install a reusable drum in your yard below gutter spouts to collect water when it rains. Once full, use the rainwater to water plants or clean exterior surfaces like decking, siding and outdoor furniture.

Energy-Efficient Lighting

Replace outdated, energy-draining deck and landscape lighting with energy-efficient or solar-powered outdoor lights. LED lights are extremely long-lasting, easy to install and use significantly less energy compared to once more commonly used incandescent bulbs. Not only can you enjoy your yard long after the sun goes down, but you can feel good knowing you are making a sustainable choice.


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