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Investing In Your Future While Living For Today

Invest in your future while living for today. Set long-term savings goals to ensure a comfortable, secure retirement.
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Invest in your future while living for today

Remember that old childhood story of the ant who toiled all summer to stash away food for the winter, while his grasshopper friend frolicked about the meadow, not a care in the world?

Well….we all know what happened to the grasshopper!

The lesson is a good one: set long-term savings goals to ensure a comfortable, secure retirement. Start as early as you can, even if you start off investing only a tiny amount of money each month. 

Inevitable upheavals like war, pandemics, stock market and economic fluctuations may cause investments to dip over time but keep your eye on the long game. In such situations, it’s tempting to jump from one investment to another — or even stop investing altogether. By sticking to a financial plan, you can achieve your retirement savings goals and it won’t be as hard as you think. To reference another Aesop Fable: slow and steady wins the race.  

The bottom line is: invest early, invest regularly, be prepared for some risk and keep your money in your investment portfolio if the market dips. 

Whether you’ve just landed your first job, started a family, or opened a new business, I can help you think through wise investment strategies for where your life is at today. I specialize in helping young families in developing their first financial plan and stay with them as their family and portfolio grows.


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