Moe the Moose saved during recent wildfires in the Peace region

Rimrock Wildlife Rehab Centre have come forward to provide rehab for the baby moose affected by the recent wildfires.
A baby moose in the rehab center at Dawson Creek.
Moe the Moose at Rimrock Wildlife Rehab Centre. (Jason Harvey, Facebook)

FORT ST.JOHN, B.C. – A baby moose named Moe that got stuck in the Stoddart Creek wildfire last week was rescued by a fire crew and was brought to the Rimrock Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre near Dawson Creek.

Moe, whose mother fled and abandoned him during the wildfire, suffered burns on his feet and back, according to Rimrock’s Facebook page. The moose is only two weeks old.   

“We gave him anti-inflammatory drugs and painkillers and got him hydrated,” said Jason Harvey, who owns the centre.

Harvey said looking for wildlife during wildfires is essential as they are more vulnerable and prone to suffer.

He said the goal for Rimrock rehab centre is to shelter orphaned animals and release them into the wild by October 31st, 2023 when they fully recover. Harvey added that they have a 100 percent success rate for the animals they release.


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