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GROUNDBIRCH, B.C. — The Peace Liard Regional Arts Council (PLRAC) has put out a call for submissions to the Sue Popesku Archives.

The archives were launched last summer in Popesku’s memory, who had a hand in many projects in the arts and culture fields in the Peace region.

Over the years, Popesku collected photos, articles, and art that are now being digitized into the archive.

Haley Bassett, executive director of the PLRAC, said despite submissions being open since launch, they have not received anything new.

“At the moment, it’s mostly a historical kind of document; if you want to learn something about arts and culture in the Peace region, the archives are the place to go,” Bassett said.

“It’s a living archive, so you can add submissions to it. If you’re an artist and you had a show, and there was an article about it or something, you could submit that.”

She said they are looking for documents, such as articles on the topic of arts and culture in the region.

Bassett clarified that the archives are not about Popesku — the archives are a memorial project honouring her work in the region.

“A lot of the material came from articles and documents and things that Sue had saved over the years,” Bassett said.

“But it’s all kinds of arts, culture, [and] heritage news in the region that we’re trying to preserve.”

The archives can be viewed here, and submissions can be sent to

Below are the guidelines for submissions:

Guidelines for the Sue Popesku archive submissions. (PLRAC)
Guidelines for the Sue Popesku archive submissions. (PLRAC)

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