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FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. — Nenan Dane Zaa Deh Zona Family Services Society is raising money for legions through beaded poppy kits this Remembrance Day. 

The beaded poppy kits will be available by donation, with the money going to the Poppy Fund for Canadian Legions. 

Cultural connections coordinator for Nenan, Adrienne Greyeyes, says the society is offering the kits after noticing more people want to acknowledge Indigenous heritage. 

“We’re seeing more acknowledgement of our Indigenous veterans in the public eye.” 

She says the fundraiser portion was decided to fulfill the connection between honouring Indigenous heritage and veterans while keeping the poppy’s meaning in mind. 

Greyeyes says she is excited to see Indigenous communities “reclaiming our way of representing what’s important to us.” 

“We’re reclaiming our visual representation and our identity, but also looking at what our values are in a more contemporary world.”

Nenan is asking for a minimum $5 donation, and the kits will be available starting November 4th, 2022. 

Residents can pick up their kits at the Nenan office at 10615 102nd Street in Fort St. John.

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