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FORT ST. JOHN, BC – Pam and Dean Turner have been haunting their front yard every Halloween for 20 years, completely free of charge to the community.  

“Halloween is coming and so we’re building a Halloween maze for the kids of the neighborhood and trick-or-treaters,” said Pam.

This year’s maze is a work in progress. ( Jordan Prentice, )

This year’s maze is a work in progress – the couple build and create most of the props themselves.

Every year they build more props to add to their supply – which includes a seven-foot-tall monster. 

The best part for Pam, is the children’s reaction. 

“I love seeing their excitement,” said Pam

 “The little ones, and sometimes they can be scared, so if they’re too scared to go through the maze, we’ve always allowed them to use the driveway so they can come straight up to the house and there is no concern of them being afraid.”

Trick-or-treaters have the option to head straight up the driveway to the house if they feel scared by the maze. ( Jordan Prentice, )

Pam says it’s hard to take a year off from haunting because the neighbourhood is so appreciative of their efforts. 

“It’s really difficult to not create Halloween, and I like it,” said Pam. 

“ I love seeing their little ones and their little costumes. It’s a season that it’s like no other. There are no expectations. It’s just for fun.”

The Turners encourage Fort St. John community members to come enjoy, and maybe even have a scare, at their Haunted Maze this Halloween, at 9423 104th Ave. 

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