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VANCOUVER, B.C. — The Fraser Institute published the annual ranks of B.C. elementary schools for the 2019 to 2020 school year on Tuesday.

Fort Nelson’s J.S. Clark Elementary school had the highest rank in the region with a score of 8.2. Fort St. John’s Bert Ambrose and C.M. Finch followed closely behind with a score of 7.4.

The authors ranked 927 public and independent elementary schools based on 10 indicators from the Foundation Skills Assessment (FSA) results for a score out of ten and a ranking out of 927.

These indicators include reading, writing, and numeracy in grades four and seven, as well as percentages of completed tests that were below expectations and percentages of tests that were not written.

According to the Fraser Institute, there are limits on which schools are ranked, such as the number of students and tests received.

For more information on how the schools are ranked, visit the Frequently Asked Questions page or the interactive map run by the institute.

Northeast B.C. elementary rankings:

Fort St. John:

  • Prespatou Elementary-Secondary: Score: 3.9 Rank: 811
  • Robert Ogilvie Elementary: Score: 4.3 Rank: 773
  • Duncan Cran Elementary: Score: 4.7 Rank: 700
  • Baldonnel Elementary: Score: 4.8 Rank: 690
  • Upper Pine Elementary-Jr Secondary: Score: 5.1 Rank: 630
  • Ecole Central Elementary School of the Arts: Score: 5.7 Rank: 502
  • Alwin Holland Elementary: Score: 5.9 Rank: 461
  • Charlie Lake Elementary: Score: 6.3 Rank: 372
  • Bert Ambrose: Score: 7.4 Rank: 182
  • C.M. Finch Elementary: 7.4 Rank: 182


  • Little Prairie Elementary: Score: 6.5 Rank: 346
  • Don Titus Montessori: Score: 7.1 Rank: 223

Dawson Creek:

  • Tremblay Elementary: Score: 2.8 Rank: 892
  • Deveraux Elementary: Score: 3.2 Rank: 866
  • Canalta Elementary: Score: 3.9 Rank: 811
  • Ecole Frank Ross Elementary: Score: 4.5 Rank: 737
  • Mountain Christian School: Score: 5.1 Rank: 630
  • Notre Dame: Score: 5.7 Rank: 502
  • Crescent Park Elementary: Score: 5.9 Rank: 461

Fort Nelson:

  • G.W. Carlson Elementary: Score: 6.8 Rank: 277
  • J.S. Clark Elementary: Score: 8.2 Rank: 100

Pouce Coupe:

  • Pouce Coupe Elementary: Score: 4.6 Rank: 720

Tumbler Ridge:

  • Tumbler Ridge Elementary: Score: 5.6 Rank: 536

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