The colours you surround yourself with have the power to affect your mood, energy, and focus. So, the paint you choose for the walls should reflect and support your intention for the space. That’s why it’s so important to understand what different colours mean and how they influence you.

We’ve put together some tips on what various colours mean and the environment they can help you create in your home: 

Warm Colours

  • Orange 

Oranges bring energy and vitality to a space. Deep orange walls evoke excitement and enthusiasm, great for inspiring lively conversation. Orange also represents balance. Use it in your kitchen or dining room, or in children’s play areas.

  • Red

Red is a colour of strength and fortitude. It conveys confidence and passion, which might be just right for your living room accent wall or the coordinating accessories in a bedroom. Keep in mind that red can also inspire anger and has been shown to raise heart rates and blood pressure! You’ll want to avoid using red in rooms that are meant for calm and relaxation, but it’s great in places you want to evoke strength and passion.

  • Yellow

Yellow radiates happiness and energy, calling to mind sunny days and tropical fruits. This colour also symbolizes optimism and can help bring focus and intensity to your space. Brighter and more saturated yellows are also associated with a warning, so you may want to err on the lighter side for a bedroom or office.

  • Pink 

One of the colours of love, pink, is calmer than its red counterpart. Some pinks can read as juvenile if they cover every wall of a room – however, the right shade can soothe and comfort like a hug from someone dear to you.

Cool Colours

  • Blue

Blues are symbolic of peace, harmony, and strength. The association with water also means that blues give their spaces fluidity and depth. Light blues symbolize and evoke tranquillity and calm with a cool atmosphere and reflected light that leave you feeling refreshed. Dark blues evoke comfort, security, and seriousness. You might choose deep blues for a study or a den.

  • Green

Green is a colour with a wealth of symbolism. Choose green to bring a sense of nature and healing or to invite prosperity and fertility. Greens create cozy and harmonious spaces and inspire feelings of health and connection to the natural environment. 

  • Purple

Deep purples have historically been associated with royalty and wealth that can offer a sense of luxury to your space. Purple is also the colour for spirituality, creativity, femininity, and grace. Use purples in areas of your home meant for meditation, relaxation, and creative pursuits.

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  • Brown 

In nature, browns originate from Earth and wood. As such, brown colours bring a sense of grounded comfort, calm, and stability to your home. Browns are warm and enveloping, especially in living areas.

  • Grey 

This trending neutral is lauded for its versatility and simplicity. Grey is seen as conservative and sophisticated, although it can run the risk of feeling dreary. Use this cool colour in rooms where you want to create a modern look, and add warm accents for vibrancy or warmth.

  • White 

White is the most classic wall colour and your go-to for simplicity that creates an open, spacious feeling. White is often interpreted as clean, pure, and peaceful. Accent with wood for a natural feel, or with bright pops of colour for an energetic and modern ambiance.

  • Black

Black symbolizes strength, power, and formality. A black wall can make an impressive statement or create a sense of mystery. On the other hand, black also holds negative connotations, so it should be used purposefully, with light or metallic accents, and with the idea that less is more.

Use these tips as a starting guide, but keep in mind that colours also have an individual influence based on personal preference and personality. Identify the mood and energy you want to evoke in your space, and choose the colour to help you achieve it!

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