HUDSON’S HOPE, B.C. — The BC Wildfire Service (BCWS) has updated its Area Restriction Order for the vicinity of the Bearhole Lake wildfire.

BCWS says under this order and Section 11(2) of the Wildfire Act, “a person must not remain in or enter the restricted area” without written permission from the proper authorities unless they are doing any of the following:

  • Travelling to or from their residence
  • Using a highway as defined in the Highway Act
  • Travelling through or entering the area as a person acting in an official capacity
  • Travelling through or entering the area for an approved purpose of supporting wildfire suppression activities.

This order applies to crown land within the boundary of:

  • Beginning at the junction of Boot Lake Road and Highway 52
  • Heading south along Highway 52 for 31 kilometres to the junction of Highway 52 and Redwillow Forest Service Road
  • Heading west for 27.5 kilometres to a point west of Hambrook Lake
  • Heading North for 29.75 kilometres to a point east of Highway 52, 11 kilometres along Hourglass Road
  • Heading east for 30 kilometres to the starting point at the junction of Boot Lake Road and Highway 52

BCWS says the size of the area restriction reflects the continued need to protect the public in areas where there is active fire suppression happening.

This order begins Saturday, September 17th at noon and will remain in effect until October 15th, 2022 or until it is rescinded.

The order applies to crown land within the boundary described and shown on the map the BCWS provided.

Failure to comply with these restricted area requirements may result in a violation ticket for $1,150, says BCWS.

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