UPDATE: Article changed to include information from the airshow society and the airport.

FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – Emergency crews responded to reports of an “aviation incident” at the North Peace Regional Airport at around 12: 15 p.m. on Tuesday.

Jennifer Moore, emergency media liaison with the Fort St. John International Airshow Society, confirms that it was a Snowbird aircraft that experienced a malfunction.

She adds that the pilot wasn’t harmed.

Fort St. Fire Department, RCMP and B.C. Emergency Health Services responded, but the North Peace Airport Fire Department had already put out the resulting fire.

“Despite all of the safety precautions that are taken, incidents to happen, and it’s heart-breaking in the air show world,” Moore said.

Moore says that airport staff are working with the first responders to attend to the pilot and the aircraft.

“We ask that during this time, you are respectful of the families of the pilots who were involved in this incident,” Moore said in an email.

In a tweet, the North Peace Regional Airport, YXJ, says that there have been runway closures and inspections delaying some flights as a result of the incident.

Shailynn Foster

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