Dawson Creek expects $28.6 million from property taxes in 2022

Dawson Creek City Hall
Dawson Creek City Hall (City of Dawson Creek

DAWSON CREEK, B.C. – The City of Dawson Creek expects to collect $28.6 million from property taxes in 2022, and has collected $25.9 million of that amount so far—amounting to 90.8 per cent of the expected amount.

Municipal taxes make up 19.9 million of the city’s expected tax revenue. The remaining $8.7 million comes from other agencies.

Taxes were due to the municipality on July 4th, 2022. The total outstanding balance, which the city has yet to see hit its coffers, is $2.63 million. After July 4th, a 10 per cent penalty applies.

Residential properties, including Home Owner Grants, equals 91 per cent of the taxes collected to date at $12.8 million. Non-residential properties have paid 84.3 per cent of expected taxes so far, or $13 million.

There were slightly more Home Owner Grant claims than the previous year, at 2,821. There were 20 applications for tax deferment, which amounted to $493,000. 

Home Owner Grants are part of a provincial program that reduces the amount of property tax residents pay on primary residences, should certain conditions be met. 

This revenue was collected through several different forms in 2022. They included prepaid taxes, mortgage agency collections, and some (2 per cent) made on credit cards. The majority of payments (79 per cent) were processed at city hall or through a bank.

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