TAYLOR, B.C. – Mayor Rob Fraser announced at the Spirit of the Peace Powwow this weekend that he won’t be running for re-election in the upcoming fall municipal election.

Fraser told Energeticcity that he plans to retire and relocate to Fort Nelson, where he will live off a trap line he bought.

“I grew up in Fort Nelson, so I’m returning to my roots. I grew up on the trap line, and it’s something that I really liked doing, and I want to get back to it,” Fraser said.

While reflecting on his accomplishments in office, Fraser said he was proud of consolidating district staff and council into a team he believes is focused on moving the community forward.

“We’ve done a core services review and organizational review. We’ve done a housing study. And an asset management plan. So those four studies have been worked on over the last three years,” Fraser explained.

Fraser believes those studies will set the next council up with a good base of information to make decisions.

He hopes that the next council continues to build the district’s relationship with local Indigenous communities and ensure budgets reflect the services that residents of Taylor want.

“Making sure that a budget is tied to the actual services that the community wants, this is a really important thing that we’ve been ordered to do. I hope the council does those things,” Fraser said.

While he plans on retiring to Fort Nelson, Fraser hinted at a future return to politics.

“I really liked being the mayor in this community,” he said. “Who knows what might be in the cards.”

Spencer Hall is a news reporter for energeticcity.ca and a recent graduate of the British Columbia Institute of Technology’s Radio Arts & Entertainment program. Growing up in Northwest B.C. made Spencer aware of the importance of local journalism, independent media, and reconciliation. In his spare time, you can find Spencer reading, playing video games, or at the FSJ dog park with his dog, Teddy.