HUDSON’S HOPE, B.C. – Over 150 Hudson’s Hope residents have signed a petition over diminished water quality following a switch to a new aquifer. They allege high chlorine levels are killing houseplants and making residents tear up just by running their taps. 

“Concerned citizens of Hudson’s Hope are thoroughly disgusted at the state of our town drinking water,” reads the petition.  

The District of Hudson’s Hope says they’re actively pursuing options to resolve the issue, acknowledging the petition directed to them at their May 24 council meeting. 

Hudson’s Hope Mayor Dave Heiberg said he understands the frustration from residents, with the district continuing to look for solutions. The petition has since been posted on the district’s website.  

“The quality of water is just not what we’re used to, and when we entered this whole new process with an aquifer as a source, we were looking for same quality and quantity of water that we had before – it’s not meeting that mark,” he said. “Obviously, the community is not very happy about it, and council’s not very happy about it.”  

“We’re working towards finding options and right now we’re in the midst of that process,” Heiberg added.  

Water quality has been a concern for the town since they switched their source last February, a change prompted by the development of Site C. Berm construction was expected to disturb the district’s current water supply, sourced mainly from surface water from the river. 

Temporary changes were expected to water taste, odour, and texture, but it does remain safe to drink under Northern Health requirements.

Tom Summer, Alaska Highway News

Tom Summer is a Peace Region journalist and has been covering the courts and more in the pages of the Alaska Highway News and Dawson Creek Mirror since 2016. Born and raised in Hudson's Hope, he's also one of the first reporters to take part in the Local Journalism Initiative, delivering news to communities in Northeast BC. Funding is available to eligible Canadian media organizations to hire journalists or pay freelance journalists to produce civic journalism for The content produced...