Coastal GasLink Pipeline fined over $170K for erosion and sediment control issues

The Coastal GasLink pipeline project has received its second fine of 2022 for erosion and sediment control issues.

A $170,100 fine has been issued by the Environmental Assessment Office (EAO) due to the company not following the conditions under its environmental assessment certificate.

CGL received its assessment certificate in 2014, which requires measures to protect wetlands and waterways from sediment caused by erosion through an environmental management plan.

The EAO says the sediment can negatively impact water quality and fish habitat.

According to the EAO, the second administrative penalty came after several project inspections.

“Inspections have found repeated issues with erosion and sediment control,” said the EAO in a release.

Since 2019, the project has received 37 warnings, 16 orders and two administrative penalties after over 40 inspections were carried out along the pipeline construction route.

The first penalty was issued in February for $72,500.

“The EAO takes very seriously matters of compliance with the conditions of all environmental assessment certificates,” the EAO said.

“The financial penalties mark an escalation of enforcement action to address the issues.”

The EAO says it continues to monitor the project to ensure the environmental assessment certificate conditions are being followed.

The approximately 650 kilometres long CGL pipeline will connect natural gas facilities west of Dawson Creek to the LNG Canada liquefied natural gas export facility near Kitimat that is also under construction.

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