The County of Grande Prairie received a ringing endorsement from 320 randomly selected residents in its most recent quality of life survey.

Ninety-six per cent of those reporting in the telephone survey are satisfied, according to the county.

The survey took place between November 3 and 22, and is accurate within 5.5 percentage points, says the county.

“The high levels of continued satisfaction seen in several categories are reaffirming,” said county deputy reeve Peter Harris.

The survey says that 34 per cent of respondents rated their quality of life as ‘very good’ and 61 per cent ‘good’.

As for changes to their perceived quality of life, 63 per cent feel it has stayed the same for the past three years; 27 per cent said it has worsened, and nine per cent report an improvement.

The county said the survey reported 86 per cent of respondents believe that the county is an overall safe region.

The highest levels of individual satisfaction from residents came in for fire services (93 per cent), campgrounds (85 per cent), maintenance and cleaning of ditches (82 per cent), financial support to non-profits (82 per cent) and agricultural services (80 per cent).

Inter-municipal collaboration was identified as important by 91 per cent of residents, and 80 per cent were satisfied with the county’s joint service provision efforts.

About 55 per cent of residents also feel they receive good value for the municipal portion of their tax bills.

Less than half – 47 per cent – report that internet connectivity met their needs.

The top priorities of residents are road conditions (50 per cent), taxes (10 per cent), and crime (five per cent).

According to the survey, total satisfaction with council and administration is at 83 percent.

“A municipality must be forward-thinking,” said Harris.

“As we set future direction, this survey will be an essential tool to help define our strengths and identify areas for improvement.

“Feedback from our citizens is key in our ongoing efforts to improve programs and services to meet their diverse and changing needs.”

The survey can be found at