CHARLIE LAKE, B.C. – Charlie Lake residents are expected to see a five per cent annual increase in their sewer fees for the next five years.

The Peace River Regional District board will be presented the Charlie Lake Sewer System User Fees Amendment Bylaw on Friday for the first reading. If adopted, a letter will be sent to all Charlie Lake residents affected by the increase.

Collection system fees were increased by 15 per cent in 2021 as user fees had not been increased since 2012. The reconnection fee was also increased from $25 to $100 to cover sending a field service worker and District vehicle.

The increase, expected to take place on January 1st, 2022, will help cover ongoing maintenance and repairs and ensure money is placed into capital reserve for future upgrades.

“Revenue collected through user fees are directly related to the revenue required to cover the expenses related to the collection system, the lift station, the treatment facility, and the outfall,” said Kari Bondaroff, General Manager of Environmental Services, in a report to the board.

The recommendation to increase the fees by five per cent per year is due to the increase in operational requirements and to assist with the revenue stream.

For 2022, with a five per cent increase in the fees, revenue generated from user fees will increase by $3,563.