FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – A unique concert experience is coming to Charlie Lake this weekend as Half/Asian + Amy the CODA takes the stage at the Red Barn Pub & Eatery.

The two-person band features Ian Griffiths on synthesizer and Amy Braun singing the lyrics in her first language, Pidgin Sign English (PSE).

This is the band’s first tour with their COVID-19 project, having written and recorded their songs during the lockdown and, once restrictions lifted, left on tour.

When it comes to the inspiration behind their music, Griffith says for him it was the purchase of a keyboard from a thrift shop.

“Doing the synthesizer and vocal stuff that was kind of inspired by finding a PSR 36, and the name of the keyboard I use from 1986, that I found in a Value Village for $40 at the beginning of the pandemic, and then just went really deep with that one synthesizer and created all the material that we play, all from this one machine, like those songs were locked inside there,” said Griffith.

Braun, whose first language is sign language—CODA stands for ‘Child Of Deaf Adult’—there was never a chance to show or share that part of her in the industry.

“Sign language is my first language, that’s obviously a huge part of who I am. But, there’s never been an opportunity to share that part of myself within the music industry,” said Braun.

There aren’t really inclusive events that happen or interpreters that I see at events or deaf people to see at events and to be able to share my language with. So, for me, I think the inspiration just came from really wanting to embrace that part of my identity and to just share it with people because if I’m not speaking sign language, my identity is invisible.”

The band is hitting 20 shows over the course of 40 days, a lot of which within Northern B.C, which they said has been met with a great response.

Half/Asian + Amy the CODA recently played Dawson Creek and have upcoming shows in Hudson’s Hope, Rolla, Charlie Lake, and Prince George.

More information about the band can be found on their website, and you can find their music on streaming platforms, Bandcamp, and will have CDs available for purchase at their show.

They play their show at the Charlie Lake Pub on Saturday, August 28th, at 8 p.m.