DAWSON CREEK, B.C. – The Peace River Regional District will be going ahead with a feasibility study for the Rose Prairie Water Station.

The Peace River Regional District awarded the two-fold study to Tetra Tech on Thursday.

Back in March, the Regional Board authorized a feasibility study to identify a new viable water source for the station. The previous water station was found to have high gas levels, and was shut down the day before it was supposed to open.

The PRRD says the study involves creating a safety procedure plan for wells that can have gas contents in and around the well heads.

The study also includes an analysis of the existing well to determine treatment options to work in tandem with the necessary filtration system. In addition, from the treatments suggested, a full Class D estimate for the construction of each treatment option with the granular activated carbon (GAC) filtration system will be provided.

“The next phase of the feasibility study will include the identification, analysis, and determination of treatment possibilities of between 2-4 new water sources. A Class D estimate will be provided for each option, including decommissioning of the current site and relocation of the existing treatment facility,” says the PRRD.

The results of the studies will be brought for review, and recommendations will be made for the District Board on what the next steps may be. Currently, the water station is closed to the public.

Only one submission was made for the Request for Proposal, which was Tetra Tech for just under $98,000.

The 2021 budget includes $600,000 in capital expenditures, and after the completion of the study, around $500,000 will remain.

Options were presented for the future of the water station during a town hall in March. Option one includes using the existing station, removing any gas issues before treating the water. Option two involves fully decommissioning the site and looking for alternate water sources.

At the time of the town hall, seven residents completed surveys.