FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – Electoral Area B Director Karen Goodings brought forward a recommendation asking the Peace River Regional District Board to send a letter to Premier John Horgan regarding the Site C Project’s Peter Milburn Investigation.

At a meeting on Thursday, November 26, board directors, such as Taylor Mayor Rob Fraser, voted against the motion of sending a letter to the Premier as it would only cause further delays on the project and, if delayed, would cause a further burden on taxpayers.

Fraser also did not like the idea of including section D of the requests to the Premier and wanted the Taylor Bridge replacement project kept separate from Site C.

The motion of sending a letter, as a Board, to the Premier was voted down and Goodings will instead, be sending her own letter to the Premier.


Here is what Goodings is requesting in regards to the Millburn Investigation:

a) That the public be provided the Terms of Reference that contains the full instructions that were
given to Peter Milburn for the investigation regarding the serious issues facing Site C;

b) That any further work on the Site C project be suspended until the Peter Milburn investigation
is complete and made public;

c) That the Peter Milburn report be disclosed to the public in its entirety, with no redactions, prior
to a decision regarding the future of the Site C Project being announced by yourself, Premier
Horgan; and finally,

d) That, if your decision is to terminate the Site C project, that the Province commit funding
equivalent to the estimated increase to the Site C project due to cost overruns to the
replacement of the bridge across the Peace River at Taylor, B.C.