HUDSON’S HOPE, B.C. – The Northern Environmental Action Team, NEAT, will be holding a Food Hub Workshop with Darren Stott on November 15th as part of the Northern Co-Hort.

This workshop will help support small and medium-sized producers in the Peace Region to widen their market channels.

There will be two components of the network, “Farmers’ Stores,” which are about to be piloted in the upcoming weeks. The first location will be in Hudson’s Hope, while the second location will be at Northern Co-Hort’s Fort St. John location.

These stores will help aggregate products from local producers to sell to local communities.

The Fort St. John location will also use its store as a classroom to hold food workshops and presentations and sell bulk foods.

These workshops will help attendees learn about food hubs and the different food hub networks, help to identify which producers in the region need support, brainstorm what facilities or services are a priority for producers within the region and learning about new retail stores, and working together to brainstorm ideas on how to operate them to their full capability.

You can register for the workshop on NEAT’s website.