FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – This past weekend, B.C. Hydro, as part of the Site C Project, removed two inactive bald eagle nests located along the Peace River.

On social media, there was some concern surrounding the removal of the nests, but according to  Site C Community Relations Manager David Conway, Hydro and its contractors monitor and take great care to avoid or mitigate effects on active bald eagle nests during Site C construction activities.

Conway says the nests, weighing about 1,000 lbs each, were moved in such a way that they remained intact after removal and will be installed alongside the artificial nesting structures near the future reservoir shoreline.

This is part of Hydro’s Construction Environmental Management Plan for bald eagle nest protection, in accordance with the B.C. Wildlife Act.

Conway says active nests will not be disturbed.

Further information on Hydro’s ‘Protecting Bald Eagles’ plan can be found on the Site C Project website.