Energeticcity.ca/Moose FM asked the candidates running in Peace River North the same eight questions.  A copy of each question and response has been posted at www.energeticcity.ca/election.  Each day from now until the election, we will post one question a day and the response sent by each candidate.

Today’s question is what do you or your party plan to do to improve the economy in Northeast B.C.?

Only B.C. Liberal candidate Dan Davies and B.C. Conservative Party leader Trevor Bolin have responded to our questions.

Election Day is Saturday, October 24.  Get out and vote.  To find where to vote, visit www.elections.bc.ca

Question:  What do you or your party plan to do to improve the economy in Northeast B.C.?

Trevor Bolin

B.C. has an abundance of wealth in its Natural Resources, and in the North we service the rest of the Province, The Country and The World better than anyone. The Northeast deserves a Government who will ensure new markets are explored, new partnerships are founded, and updated policies are made. Forestry needs to be competitive; in a market where prices have increased beyond expectation, we have mills sitting dark and empty. Natural Gas through LNG has scientifically been proven to change the footprint we leave globally, reduce GHG’s on a significant level, and provide a cleaner, healthier lifestyle; yet companies who want to offer this have extreme amounts of red tape to jump through and when they finally do, the projects are still extremely difficult to get off the ground.

Dan Davies

In North East BC we must get our economy going and get our residents good paying jobs -putting more money in their pockets. By eliminating the PST for one years and then raising it to 3% will be a huge boost to our economy, putting more money in the pockets of every British Columbian. To make this a reality, we must continue to promote and advocate to get our products to the world market. We need to continue on energy literacy to ensure the rest of the province understands the important role northeast BC plays.  We need to ensure that pipelines are built and infrastructure is expanded and improved. We must continue to promote the LNG industry allowing more opportunities to tidewater. Forestry is critical – there is no reason the LP OSB is not operating. The reason is from bad forest management, poor policies, tax and red tape from the current NDP. We need to improve forest practices across our province. This again speaks to our competitiveness issues. Over the past couple of years our farmers have been attacked around bill 15 and 52. It has taken many rights away from farmers and landowners. By repealing these bills, this would put control of the land back to the farmer. We need to support famers today as well as the up and coming next generation of the family farm. Finally, small business supports are critical. As the backbone to our economy, now more than ever they need supports in place to help them manage through these trying times.

Learn more about both candidates in Peace River North by visiting www.energeticcity.ca/election.