VANCOUVER, B.C. – Since the distracted driving law came into effect in January 2010, more than 430,000 infractions have been issued throughout the province for drivers using some form of electronic device while driving.

Not everyone gets the message the first time, though. Between January 2010 and March 2020, ICBC reports 44,000 drivers have received two tickets for distracted driving, 12,000 have received three, 4,200 have received four, and 65 drivers have received ten tickets.

For September, drivers will be hearing one message, leave your phone alone when you’re behind the wheel.

Police across B.C. are looking to ramp up distracted driving enforcement for this month, and community volunteers are setting up Cell Watch deployments to remind drivers to leave their phone alone.

More than one in four fatal crashes on B.C. roads involved some form of distracted driving.