FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – The City of Fort St. John released a preview of their Annual Report for 2019. The report contains information regarding the process that’s being made on the Strategic Plan, a financial and organizational overview, as well as the highlights and accomplishments that were completed for the 2019 year.

The Strategic Plan contains five goals, and the report discusses the progress that was made for each one. The five goals are as follows:

  1. Enhance community economic development to provide opportunities and sustainability for Fort St. John.
  2. Demonstrate leadership in environmental responsibility through sustainable and effective practices for municipal operations.
  3. Build and manage public assets and human resources that support the current and future needs of the community.
  4. Initiate and foster partnerships that will benefit Fort St. John. Advocate for decision-makers on issues that impact the community.
  5. Actualize downtown Fort St. John as a social, vibrant, liveable hub as articulated in the Fort St. John Downtown Action Plan.

When it comes to enhancing community economic development that will provide opportunities and sustainability for Fort St. John, some of the 2019 achievements were developing and implementing a 5-year economic development strategy, a social policy framework, developing a tourism plan and, working with federal and provincial governments to provide financial sustainability for resource communities.

For Strategic Goal #2, some of the 2019 achievements were promoting and demonstrating energy, literacy, and Fort St. John’s energy capital branding. The City also worked to develop and improve policies that are focused on food security, provide access to the sanitary sewer and clean water as well as to research and to create sustainable strategies to divert solid waste from landfills.

Strategic Goal #3 achievements for 2019 were ensuring physical assets support the growing community affordably and sustainably, providing administrative processes and digital assets support the ever-increasing community affordably and sustainably as well as ensuring human assets support the growing community affordably and sustainably.

Strategic Goal #4 achievements were supporting partnerships with international communities around sustainable development, strengthening relationships with First Nations communities, collaborating on a sub-regional comprehensive development plan with Area C. Another achievement was continuing to develop partnerships with agencies that provide education, health, and public safety services and actively participating in local government and professional associations at national, provincial, and regional levels.

Strategic Goal #5 saw the City of FSJ implementing and monitoring the Downtown Action Plan, which included improvements to 100th Street.

For more information on the Strategic Goals and to take a look and the Annual Report, you can head to the City’s website.