Blair Lekstrom frustrated by the outcome of his liaison position

FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – Blair Lekstrom expressed his frustration for the outcome of his Community Caribou Liaison appointment to Premier John Horgan regarding the Caribou Recovery and the Caribou Partnership Agreement.

In a radio-interview, Lekstrom shared it is disheartening and disrespectful for the people in the region that there were no text changes to the Partnership Agreements.

At one point Lekstrom says he is not sure where the Premier’s head is at.

Lekstrom expressed if he knew before he was appointed this position that the outcome would produce no changes, he would have said he was not the right guy.

Lekstrom resigned be letter January 23, 2020, making expressions to several points including there could be no satisfactory solution unless there were changes to the draft agreement which Lekstrom says he advocated for.

Lekstrom shares the only changes he wanted for the agreement was the inclusion of local government within the impacted area by way of text on the agreement. Including the only part that was needed to be removed was in recommendation #6.

Lekstrom expressed how much time he invested in engaging with local government representatives, industry, business, backcountry user groups as well as residents of the region. Lekstrom shares, it was clear there was no intention to add text to the draft agreement that would see the inclusion of local government written in.

Being written into the Partnership Agreement as participants at the Caribou Recovery Committee has been the primary request from the local government from the first day Lekstrom became the Liason.

To read the letter; CLICK HERE

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