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TUMBLER RIDGE, B.C. – The Tumbler Ridge Museum Foundation says there has been yet another discovery of fossil bird trackways near Tumbler Ridge.

There were already four track sites that had been discovered in the area, including some of the oldest known bird tracks in the world. They were identified within the Tumbler Ridge UNESCO Global Geopark (TRUGG) by Dr. Lisa Buckley and Dr. Richard McCrea, the palaeontologists at the Tumbler Ridge Museum Foundation’s Peace Region Palaeontology Research Centre (PRPRC).

Another trip has uncovered two more sites bringing the total number of fossil bird tracks sites up to six.

“On August 1st, Dr. Charles Helm escorted Dr. Buckley and Dr. McCrea to a dinosaur track
site he had discovered earlier this summer, as well as to one brought to his attention by
local resident Rob McIntyre. In each case Dr. Buckley spent time examining the
surrounding exposed rock surfaces, and each time her perseverance paid off with the
discovery of a handsome avian trackway. Both specimens are in rocks of the Gates
Formation, from the Cretaceous Period about 100 million years ago.”

On the 5th, one of the specimens was retrieved and transported to the PRPRC, where it will be studied further. They also expect these new findings to be exhibited once the research is complete.

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