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TAYLOR, B.C. – A Taylor resident is looking to form a historical society as well as produce a history book for the District of Taylor.

Doreen Bowe says she wants to be able to have a history book to show the great things about Taylor as well as form a society. She says that the love for historical artifacts started at a young age.

“I’ve always been very infatuated with old things and old pictures. My dad was very sentimental and he always talked about it and showed us old items and it got me very excited at a very young age.”

She has historical books from her husband’s family in Alberta that they created and is hoping to do something similar for the District of Taylor.

“I thought: ‘Taylor needs one of those’. There are so many people that have moved on and they are in other countries but they are always enthused by what is going on in Taylor and the years they spent there.”

Bowe also creates family books and most recently finished one for her own family.

“I want a Taylor history book of all the families, the education and the industry but I also want to start the historical society. If I can find enough people and get a historical society going, you need five or more, we can form a board and apply for grants and get a museum sooner or later in Taylor which is really big on my agenda.”

For the history book, she says she would be looking for pictures and write ups about families.

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