Delays on Taylor Hill due to sliding and road slips

TAYLOR, B.C. – Caribou Road Services is warning motorists that the Taylor Hill is seeing delays because of slipping and sliding road conditions.

Sarah Griffith with Caribou Road Services said in a statement that the incident of note is 6 km south of Taylor.

“With all the rain and moisture we have been getting in the Peace, we are seeing many difficult road conditions including a few slides and road slips. One of note is on Taylor Hill on 97N, approximately 6 km south of the Town of Taylor.”

Traffic is single lane and alternating with delays of up to 20 minutes. Caribou Road Services is warning that the delays could be even longer when traffic is heavy.

“The problem is currently being assessed and construction for the repair will start soon. We are expecting more issues to develop in the Peace area as the remaining frost leaves our highways over the next few weeks and the roads all settle down, if you see other issues developing, please give us a call. We appreciate your patience.”

If you would like to reach Caribou Road Services, call (250) 786-5440.

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