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With all 232 polls reporting to Elections Canada, here are the official results for this riding:

  1. Bob Zimmer – Conservative – 27,236 (52.6 %)
  2. Matt Shaw – Liberal – 12,863 (24.8 %)
  3. Kathi Dickie – NDP – 8,014 (15.5 %)
  4. Elizabeth Biggar – Green Party – 2,672 (5.2 %)
  5. W. Todd Keller – Libertarian – 559 (1.1 %)
  6. Barry Blackman (PC Party) – 464 (0.9 %)

In 2011, Zimmer was elected with 23,946 votes.

In this riding, there was a huge increase in voter turnout since 2011 – with 51,808 electors in this district. Last election, there were 38,546 votes cast.

In BC, the Liberals won 17 seats in parliament, the NDP, 10, the Conservatives, 10, and the Green Party, one – the only seat in Canada. Elections Canada confirmed a 70% turn out of BC voters this election, over 59% in 2011.

As of 10 AM PST, 99.84% of the polls across the country have checked in.

Elections Canada says 17,559,353 of 25,638,379 registered electors voted nationally. This number does not include those who may have registered to vote the day of.

The Liberal party formed a majority government with 184 seats in parliament, and the Conservatives formed the official opposition with 99.

The NDP, elected the official opposition to Harper’s Conservative majority in 2011, has just 44 seats now. Bloc Quebecois were elected to 10 seats, and the Green Party holds one.

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