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Bob Zimmer’s office in Fort St. John was the site of cheers and celebration as the majority of voters in the Prince George-Peace River-Northern Rockies riding re-elected him as MP tonight.

As of Monday night, 72% of the votes in the riding have returned, and 16,052 of those were for Zimmer. That amounts to almost half of the vote cast.

Following by the number of votes were:

  • Matt Shaw, 8,625 votes (Liberal)
  • Kathi Dickie, 5,257 (NDP)
  • Elizabeth Biggar, 1,809 (Green)
  • W. Todd Keller, 387 (Libertarian)
  • Barry Blackman, 330 (Progressive)

33,300 of 76,312 registered voters have voted thus far.

Zimmer said he was excited to be back, and to have this job again for the next term.

This election is different from his last in a few ways, he said. One reason being that he was running for MP as an incumbent, and felt he knew what he was getting himself into.

“I knew the issues now than I did before, so that’s why I felt comfortable going into the debates,” he told reporters at his office.

Another reason this election was different was because he was first elected with a Conservative majority to parliament, and this time he will be on the official opposition with a Liberal majority.

Coming back as MP for a second term with those differences, he said he will be trying to insure that the new Liberal majority government is on the same page about the potential of the LNG industry – as he feels there is a lot of room for growth in the Peace Region.

“We want to make sure our local industries are going to be well understood in Ottawa,” Zimmer said.

Though a Liberal majority government wasn’t his first choice for this election’s results, he said he acknowledges that the people have spoken and chosen the government they want right now.

As Justin Trudeau becomes the new prime minister of Canada, Stephen Harper exits after a 9 year term and resigned as leader of the Conservative Party of Canada – though remains in his role as MP.

Zimmer calls Harper a ‘great prime minister and friend.’

Tomorrow, October 20th, is also Zimmer’s birthday. He called his re-election a great early birthday present – though he says he will be spending quite some time tomorrow picking up lawn signs.


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