The City of Fort St. John has finally received the first of many blue recycling bins for residents.

“The bins have started arriving,” said Julie Rogers with the City of Fort St. John. “We had the first truck load this morning, and we’re getting another a truck load this afternoon. So it will be roughly a weeks worth of truck loads to receive all of the bins we ordered.”

Rogers said Public Works crews will be assembling the bins, and putting a sticker on top to give people an idea of what can be collected from it.

A full, up to date list of blue bin recyclables, and how to recycle other materials, will be coming to the city’s website within a few days – the city’s app is also out and can be used to look up items that are recyclable.

The address will be printed on the side, as it is with the garbage bins.

Tomorrow crews will start delivering bins to homes in Northeast section of the city, putting them at the end of the drive ways.

When they arrive, residents can start using them right away.

Rogers said she is hoping it will take only 2 to 3 weeks, give or take, to get all the blue bins delivered to homes, but it will take one full day of assembly and delivery to see how fast the process is.

In the mean time, to incorporate more recycling into their routine, Rogers recommends people use their garbage bin for recycling, and use a smaller container for garbage.

“If the biggest bin in your kitchen is the recycle bin, you are more likely to throw the things that actually are recyclable in that bin.”

She anticipates full recycling collection to start on first or second week of November.