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The Fort St. John Elks began their summer camp today to get skaters ready for the upcoming year. Skaters between the ages of 6-17 are attending with the camp running through Sunday.

The camp will focus on technical development with lessons taking place both on and off the ice. Off ice teachings will cover a variety of things including physical warm ups and psychological training.

“We’ve got a lot of really good coaches here,” Elks coach Richard Stickel said. “We’re going to do some mental trainings. They’re working on, watching video, talking about how it all goes together before they all go on the ice.”

Stickel said the camp provides those participating with an early chance to shake the rust off from the summer, and hopes they soak up the coaching from the various instructors.

“Just some more good opportunities to have skated. Having different people look at them. We have some level five coaches. Having different voices and having kids hear a different way from what they normally would hear at their club is what we’re looking at.”

He added the club has some solid young skaters coming up through the ranks and is excited to see where their potential takes them this year.

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