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The Environment Canada forecast has been revised overnight & now includes the risk of thundershowers this afternoon, but it also calls for clearing this evening, in time for the Fort St. John Air Show at the North Peace Regional Airport.

The featured performers will once again be the iconic Snowbirds, the Canadian Forces 432 Air demonstration Squadron, a flight demonstration team based near Moose Jaw and formed in 1978.

Also on display from the armed forces will be the world-class, supersonic CF-18 Hornet, a front-line fighter, described as having enough twin engine thrust to lift 24 full size pick-ups off the ground.

Civilian acts will include pilots who star on the Discovery Channel’s, Airshow One, among them Super Dave Mathieson who has a night act which feature fireworks and pyrotechnics.

He currently flies the world’s most advanced aerobatic aircraft called the MX-2, which is billed as having a role rate of 500 degrees per second and a top speed of 300 miles per hour.

Also on this year’s list of performers John Melby, with over 35 years of flying experience, and he will join Super Dave in a duel performance.

For those with ground speed and power interests the Flash Fire Jet Truck is likely to be a hit, since it does zero to sixty in just over one second and has a top speed of 375 miles per hour.

However, its 12 thousand horse power Pratt and Whitney jet engine isn’t exactly a candidate for fuel efficiency using nearly 60 gallons in a ten minute performance.

Now, assuming that’s enough to wet you appetite, even though advance tickets are no longer available, they will be available at the gate at $20 for adults, and $15 for seniors and students.

In a gesture of appreciation, by the show organizers, veterans will be admitted free, along with children ten and under.

Gates open at 3:30 this afternoon and the show starts at six o’clock.

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