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The federal and provincial governments announced more than $3.3 million in funding today to build a new water reservoir in Dawson Creek.

The funds will pay for two-thirds of the $5-million project, with Dawson Creek covering the other third of the costs.

Dawson Creek Mayor Dale Bumstead said the new reservoir and booster station will be built on the west edge of town near the water treatment plant. The reservoir, which will hold some one millions US gallons of water, will boost the city’s capacity and supply to meet peak supply demands for water and firefighting needs.

“As we’re growing and as were facing increasing development on the west edge of town and the south end of town, both commercial and indutrial development especially, we needed to find a way to ensure we had the capacity to provide the support to the develop of the community as it continues to grow,” Bumstead said following the announcement this morning.

Bumstead the engineering and planning work for the reservoir has already been conducted, and expects the city will move quickly to get the tenders out and awarded. He hopes construction will start as early as this summer.

“We want to get it started so they’ll work on it through the winter and hopefully by next spring it’s operational,” said Bumstead.

Dawson Creek has two existing reservoirs, one both on the east and north ends of town.

Federal and provincial government funds are coming from the Small Communities Fund, and are each contributing $1.6 million to the project.

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